Creating Value

28 december 2018

As the subleasing market is rapidly growing it is becoming ever more important for market actors to develop their services to maximize the value provided to the customer. Therefore, a vital responsibility of ours is to continuously strive to find ways of improving our services, thus augmenting the value we give to our customers. This article will outline some of the ways in which we work and coordinate our efforts to create utmost value and satisfaction for our customers. 

Long and trustworthy relations are built between humans, not through computers. For each of our rental listings, we have a company representative which has full responsibility for the entire leasing process. Thus, both the tenant and landlord will have a point of contact at Be Resident which will provide assistance whenever desired throughout the entire leasing process. By structurally working in this fashion we allow our representatives to build long lasting and trustworthy relations with our customers. Which in turn provides the customers with the reassurance that they always will have a trustworthy point of contact at Be Resident which will respond to their every concern or question regarding the rental.

Furthermore, by working in this fashion. it allows our services to always be specifically tailored in accordance with the situation at hand and the customer’s demands, rather than providing a one-size fits all solution to all our customers. May it be to sort out how to correctly compensate for a broken bathroom lamp, or perhaps give general directions throughout the leasing process, the assistance provided by Be Resident will always be tailored according to the needs of the customer. Which further aims to make the leasing process as safe and secure as possible for both tenant and landlord.

Please feel free to call us at 08-543 538 00 if you have any further questions regarding our services!

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